Professor Josh Gruver Battles Food Insecurity in East Central Indiana

]osh Gruver lives at the intersection of boundless adventure and practical pursuits. “Listen, it hurts a little, having grown up in such a physical, close-to-the-earth environment. We built our house in the mountains, cut wood for heat, and grew our own food. That way of life is part of me, but it is no more, […]

Students Help Make Fort Wayne Neighborhood ‘A Nicer Place to Live’

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]n acre that once had dilapidated houses and overgrown weeds will soon become a relaxing, inviting green space in Fort Wayne’s Nebraska Neighborhood. This Fall 2017 Semester, three teams of Ball State University students each crafted recommendations on what to do with the triangular Wayne Knitting Mills Park. Improvements to the pocket park are part […]

A Fiery Yet Natural Learning Environment

Wildlife biology students conducted a prescribed burn to release nutrients into the soil at Cooper Farm, a 40-acre prairie north of Ball State’s campus.

Student Knowledge, 170-Plus Crops Growing on Year-Round Sustainable Farm

From seed to harvest to market, the newly created plot outside Albany, Indiana, provides students with the know-how to flourish in a farm-to-table economy.

Does Fracking Hurt Crops?

Professor John Pichtel has been growing wheat and other crops in the basement of Ball State’s West Quad to find out if fracking fluids are harmful.