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From Pirate Tales to Catfish Scares, Student Bios Surprise Professor

This story’s author, Kate Elliott, coordinates the Department of Journalism’s magazine media concentration and co-chairs the College of Communication, Information, and Media’s Engagement Task Force. According to family lore, one of freshman Kellyn Harrison’s ancestors was Captain Kidd, an infamous pirate rumored to have buried treasure in the Caribbean before the British hanged him. Jada […]

From Farms to Food Banks, Students Explore Muncie Region’s Needs, Diversity, and Heritage

Editor’s note: This story’s author,  Kate Elliott, is a lecturer of journalism at Ball State and a freelance writer and strategist. She also works with community organizations, including ecoREHAB, Farmished, and Open Door Health Services. [dropcap]S[/dropcap]torytelling is a frustrating business. It’s arrogant to think your words will cut through life’s clutter to impact others, let alone embolden […]