The Year in Photos: 2019-2020

Put aside the pandemic for a few minutes and take a trip down memory lane. The seemingly distant past captured below represents the many beloved highlights of the academic year—friends embracing amid triumphs, packed football stadiums, and the elation and excitement of starting a new life at college. An empty campus, though, provided a bittersweet […]

Ball State Fuels Young Musical Talent

Opera Student From Trinidad Is Hitting All the Notes

Opera singer Maegan Pollonais has battled the same tired stereotype since she left Trinidad in 2008. Some Americans misunderstand Caribbean music and underestimate the rich cultural experiences of Caribbean people. The success of a 1956 song by Jamaican-American crooner Harry Belafonte is partly to blame. “People think you’re from the Caribbean and all you sing […]

College of Fine Arts Fosters Citizenship as Well as Talent

With Centennial Documentary, Students Learn About and Make Ball State History

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]istory came crashing down like a proverbial ton of bricks on at least one student during production of the documentary “From Normal to Extraordinary: Ball State’s First Century,” which premiered September 6, 2018, at Emens Auditorium as part of the official kickoff of Ball State’s Centennial Celebration . It happened to telecommunications major Henry Tegeler when he interviewed […]

From Cardinals to Tigers: Four Music Alums Are Clemson Profs

Ball State and its School of Music have a robust connection to Clemson University, where four music alumni are performing arts professors: Paul L. Buyer, ’92 (director of music and percussion), Andrew Levin, DA ’93 (director of orchestral activities), Mark Spede, MM ’88 (director of bands), and Bruce Whisler, ’82 MM ’92 DA ’02 (director […]

In Tune With His Students

Ben Yoder’s forte as an educator is leading middle school orchestras.