A Love for LaFollette

Despite all its shortcomings—or, perhaps, because of them—the residence hall complex holds a unique place in the hearts of generations of Cardinals since its 1967 opening. Read their stories.

Cajun Salmon Recipe

This rich and spicy recipe is relatively quick and easy to make. You’ll get a little heat but not so much it’ll overpower the lightness of the salmon—and you’ll get your Omega-3!

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

This simple but delicious recipe produces 24 chocolate chip cookies. By Ball State Dining.

The Year in Photos: 2019-2020

Put aside the pandemic for a few minutes and take a trip down memory lane. The seemingly distant past captured below represents the many beloved highlights of the academic year—friends embracing amid triumphs, packed football stadiums, and the elation and excitement of starting a new life at college. An empty campus, though, provided a bittersweet […]

14 Photos of a Campus in Bloom

Spring is one of Ball State’s busiest times of year. But with the lion’s share of academic and extracurricular activities on hiatus or being done remotely, campus has become a relatively quiet place these past weeks. While missing the hustle-bustle of a typical April weekday, our photographers snapped images capturing the tranquility of a peaceful […]

Watch Us Grow: What Ball State Looked Like the Year You Were Born

Compiled by Eileen Porzuczek and Nick Werner From its campus buildings to its academic programs and student life, Ball State is always changing to keep up with the evolving times. Walk down memory lane with us as we reminisce about Ball State through the years 1960 to 1999. What did Ball State look like the year […]

Alumni Expertise Helps Link Career Skills to Coursework

Ball State University is tapping into its alumni as a resource to make connections between the classroom and the world into which students will graduate. Through the Career Center’ s Skills Infusion Program, faculty members are paired with alumni employers to weave workplace competencies into learning outcomes in their syllabi. Launched in Spring 2018, the program has […]