Food blogger Kelsey Jones prepares to photograph the meal before her.

[dropcap]K[/dropcap]elsey Jones understands the temptation of finding a handful of nearby restaurants and settling into a dining comfort zone, but the food blogger and Ball State graduate student has a suggestion for people considering that option.

Don’t do it.

“I would advise students to make a point to venture off campus and even away from McGalliard (Road),” Jones said. “Muncie has quite the local food scene for the size of the city, and most options are extremely economical.”

Jones shares her love of cuisine at, where she posts bite-size reviews and appetizing photography of food mostly from nonchain restaurants in Muncie, across Indiana and from her travels outside the Hoosier State, the United States and internationally.

Portrait of Kelsey Jones

Food blogger Kelsey Jones poses for a photo.

Jones is entering her second year of study toward a master’s degree in public relations after attending Ball State for her undergraduate degree in hospitality and food management. She participates in the Public Relations Student Society of America and Cardinal Communications, a student-run creative communications agency where students work with real clients.

Jones started blogging to gain creative writing experience and to showcase her interests and personality.

But blogging about food spoke to an interest beyond writing.

“I like to know where my food is coming from. … Many local restaurants source ingredients from community farms and local suppliers,” Jones said.  “I think giving back to your community is important, and eating locally supports the local economy.”

Her favorite eateries include Two Johnny’s in downtown Muncie and The Wedge in Yorktown, but she also has reviewed other local options, such as Concannon’s Bakery, The Downtown Farm Stand and Vera Mae’s Bistro. She also blogged during a recent trip that took her first to Florida and on to Cuba, a country that has seen more American visitors after the easing of long-standing U.S. travel restrictions.

Jones sees her blog, whose readership she says has grown from a handful of people to hundreds, as a steppingstone in her career. Citing a world-renowned chef who has his own show on CNN, she even talked about her dream job.

“Anthony Bourdain’s job, just traveling the world and eating.”

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