Social Media Center Turns Savvy Students Into Digital Marketing Pros

The Center for Advancement of Digital Marketing and Analytics closes the gap between student ability and real-world marketing needs.

Angela Ahrendts Extols the Power of Listening and Collaboration

The 1981 alumna and senior vice president at Apple wows Miller College of Business students during a recent visit to Indianapolis.

A Father Builds a Nursery Business; 2 Sons Help Him Spread Its Roots

Ball State grads Bob and Danny Wasson help their father, Bob Sr., plan the second expansion of the 40-year-old nursery and landscaping business in a decade.

Hundreds Show Their Gratitude for 3rd Annual Thank a Donor Day

Students write thank you cards to alumni and other friends of Ball State who help make their education — and many other initiatives — possible.

Indy 500 Driver’s Son Tears It Up in Class, on the Track

Ball State junior Michael Goodyear, son of two-time Indy 500 driver Scott Goodyear, is preparing for a future in business and racing in equal measure.

Miller College of Business: 50 Years and Counting

The college will add centers this fall focusing on digital marketing and supply chain management as it marks a half-century at Ball State.