How Three Alumni Helped Fort Ben Near Indy Become a Tech-Company Destination

If all goes according to plan, Aletha Dunston (above) will be out of a job soon. Her position as executive director of the Fort Harrison Reuse Authority means every win brings her closer to completing the assignment of a lifetime, transforming an Army base into a picturesque community 20 minutes from downtown Indianapolis. Dunston, who […]

How Ball State Helps Muncie Residents Improve Their Neighborhoods

Heather Williams moved to Chicago after graduating from Ball State in 2002. Surprisingly, she felt limited in a metro area with more than nine million people. She struggled to find work that paid the bills and was also rewarding. So, she returned to Muncie, population 70,000. Muncie was an unexpected land of opportunity. She earned […]

Sanglim Yoo: Discovering New Ways to Improve Cities

Sanglim Yoo studies how to use green spaces to reflect heat, reduce energy consumption and keep us all cool and comfortable.

CAP Partners With Top Design Firm on Chicago Stockyards Project

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or a century or so, the Chicago Stockyards ranked the world’s most famous livestock-processing centers — a vast stretch of stock pens and packinghouses with rail connections to much of the country — until meat distribution moved to the interstate highway system. “It was the beginning of the industrialization of food, on a scale that […]

Cut From the Same Cloth, Urban Planning Majors Build a Fashion Label

Juniors Josh Sims and Nate Robert-Eze promote a theme of unity and learn about entrepreneurship after launching 2eze Apparel.