Rebecca Hammons: Defending Humans in a Digital World

Ever feel like someone’s watching you? Your smartphone is one reason to worry. Professor Rebecca Hammons is exploring how to balance the consumer data needs of corporations while keeping our private lives private.

Shireen Kanakri: Designing with a Cause

Children with autism can be especially sensitive to their surroundings. Professor Shireen Kanakri’s life mission is to find out how we can use color, lighting, sound, and more to make kids on the spectrum comfortable.

Matthew Harber: Exercise Is the Best Medicine

You may not know Matthew Harber, but he wishes you a long, healthy life. The professor is an expert in aging well. His research helps health professionals develop the best exercise plans for lifelong fitness.

Brad Condie: Setting Student Creativity in Motion

At Disney, animator Brad Condie helped bring to life the characters in such films as Pocahontas, Mulan, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Now, as a professor, he is setting his students’ professional lives into motion.

Emily Brown Hoffman: Preparing Aspiring Educators to be Classroom Heroes

Great teachers change lives. But what’s the best way to prepare aspiring elementary educators to be classroom heroes? That question inspires education professor Emily Hoffman every day.

Shaoen Wu: AI and Robots that Make Lives Safer

Growing up in China, Shaoen Wu had limited access to technology. Now, he’s an expert in developing artificial intelligence and robots to make our lives safer.

Connie McIntosh: Health Care Solutions for Children With Autism

One in 59 people have autism. Connie McIntosh, a nursing professor, has vowed to improve education for medical providers.