24 Hours at Ball State

Student videographer captured a 24-hour slice of life at Ball State in a video that shows campus activity at all hours of the day and night.

Breaking Down Barriers

Campus police officers get to know students through a community policing philosophy and about a dozen programs that help reduce crime and build relations.

Libraries’ Digital Archives Surpasses 1 Million Items

Libraries’ digital archives collection reaches milestone by posting one millionth piece and creates a connection to the area’s rich history.

For Ball State Dining, ‘Sustainability’ is More Than Food for Thought

Dining pursues sustainability through power savings, composting, recycling. Its efforts cut costs, reduce waste, keep food fresh and feed the hungry.

‘Growing Pains’ to ‘Wildest Dreams’: First Dance Marathon in ’08 Planted Seeds for Success

The 10th student-run Riley Hospital for Children fundraiser — 1,500 dancers strong and a record haul in its sites — traces its ambition to the original.

Seven Ball State Alumni Love Stories That Stole Our Hearts

We asked Cardinal couples on Facebook to share their fateful tales of how Ball State brought them together. Read the seven stories that most made us swoon.

Water, Ozone and Electricity Make for Greener Cleaner in Residence Halls

The cleaning solution used in all 10 residence halls reduces costs by more than $100,000 a year and is kinder to employees and the environment.