Adam Unger, ’02

Adam Unger, ’02, president of Muncie-based Accutech Systems, sits at the helm of a rapidly growing company.

In recent years, he’s heard some well-meaning advice: “If you want that growth to continue, you need to move the company to the Indianapolis area.”

His response speaks volumes.

Accutech, a leading software company for the wealth management industry, recently invested $5.5 million to purchase and redevelop the former Sears Building in downtown Muncie. Employing 85 people at its new location and 30 remote workers across the country, the company has grown five-fold in the past 10 years. Unger is optimistic that growth will continue.

The decision to remain in Muncie shows his confidence in the renaissance and economic viability of the area and in the bright future he envisions for his alma mater.

“I believe that God puts us in places to make an impact,” he said. “There’s a fantastic talent pool right in this area for our business, and Ball State has a lot to do with that. Our decision to stay here and expand was in no small part based on Ball State’s growth and what we saw as a tremendous, forward-looking University strategic plan.”

This year, Accutech received the University’s Community Partner of the Year award for the company’s work with senior-level Computer Science students.

“Currently, approximately 40 percent of our team has a degree from Ball State,” Unger said. “We love working with current students as interns or in other capacities so they can experience our culture firsthand and see if we might be a career match for them. That’s proved invaluable for us, both in terms of giving back and helping us grow.”

Unger, who graduated from Burris Laboratory School and majored in Telecommunications at Ball State, also holds a graduate certificate in Business Administration.

“Accutech runs on the singular principle of making great things happen for other people,” Unger said. “And from my time at Burris until I graduated from Ball State, that’s what so impressed me about the University, the desire to help other people succeed.

“Ball State operates on our very same core principle, and I know that will never change into the future. The University will continue to provide the blueprint for fulfillment to its students, and Accutech will always know it has a tremendous talent pool right in its own backyard.”  — Dan Forst, ’85