Seena Greiwe

Attracted to Ball State for Sports Link, an immersive learning program that has emerged as a national leader in sports media and production, Seena Greiwe said she is “blown away” by what she’s been encouraged to accomplish in her first two years on campus.

This academic year alone, she attended 10 Division I NCAA championships as a video content creator — including coverage of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four “focusing on the fan environment and showcasing players in their winning moments,” she said.

Seena Greiwe

A successful athlete herself in high school, she uses that firsthand knowledge to reveal “what athletes are like when they don’t have a jersey or helmet on.”

Also this year, Seena was one of nine college students from around the country to receive $5,000 awards from the National Association of Broadcasters. The first-ever scholarship encourages studies related to broadcast engineering, media technology, and innovation.

Growing up in Columbus, Indiana, “I tried almost every sport possible,” she said. “By the time I got to high school, it was volleyball, track and field, and gymnastics that I stuck with.”

She uses that firsthand knowledge to reveal “what athletes are like when they don’t have a jersey or helmet on, whether that be how they got to where they are today or something as simple as to what their hobbies are outside their sport.”

During the winter, the telecommunications major traveled with the Ball State Gymnastics team to create video content for Sports Link. Documenting home and away meets, she learned new production techniques and made new friends along the way.

“The gymnasts and coaches were incredibly welcoming and treated me as if I am part of the team,” Seena said. “I have had parents say how grateful they are that I help them stay up to date with their daughters since they can’t be at every meet.”

Hands on and real world

Launched in 2009, Sports Link has emerged as a national leader in sports media and production, letting students get hands-on, real-world experience in digital sports production, with opportunities in video, editing, production, on-air broadcasting, social media content creation, and more.

Seena Greiwe

Seena (left) and fellow Sports Link members cover the Brickyard 400 race for NASCAR’s social media accounts.

Guided by faculty leader Chris Taylor, ’96 MA ’98, Sports Link has produced numerous broadcasts on ESPN3 and ESPN+ and gives students many chances to work with the NCAA. In addition, Taylor also created and directs Digital Sports Production, the nation’s first digital sports production academic concentration.

“Seena’s impact on Sports Link in her first two years at Ball State is stunning,” said Taylor. “She quickly became a leader, respected by her peers, and has tackled some of our biggest projects and live productions.”

Seena compared her early experience in Sports Link to a roller-coaster ride. “One second I felt like I knew what was going on and I would think I was ahead of the game, and next thing I knew I felt like I was drowning in the deep end and did not know how to stay afloat.”

From struggling to succeeding, Seena said her confidence has grown. “I know once I graduate, I will have the skill sets needed to succeed in this industry, and I am excited to see what the future holds.

“I have never doubted that Ball State was the right choice for me,” she added. “The opportunities that are given to students are remarkable.”